Project proposal

The objective of this project is to develop a web and a mobile platform controlling NAO humanoid robot. Many Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are already developed by the computer science unit (Fpms-Umons) for NAO, such as controlling the arm and head of the robot using Kinect and microphones sensors, playing board games, etc. The goal of this project is to integrate these applications into a web/mobile platform allowing an easy control of NAO robots.

Project leader

Mohammed El Adoui (

Project organisation

Within eNTERFACE’18 workshop, we would like to develop and improve the following work packages :

  • Work Package 1 : AI algorithms applied to NAO robot
    • Integration of image and video processing algorithms that could be used by NAO to interact with users, such as face detection and recognition, etc;
    • Integration and adaptation of the NAO sensors based applications such as the development of Kinect based teleoperation of NAO robot;
    • Integration of a tool box that contain the basic movement and motion of NAO robot.
  • Work Package 2 : Mobile and Android application to control the NAO robot
    • Develop a simple user web page to control the NAO robot;
    • Develop a user mobile application to control the NAO robot.
  • Work package 3 : NAO Robot control by voice commands
    • Execute any developed algorithm by voice commands only;
    • The deliverable of the work packages 1, 2 and 3.